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About Us

A team of Love Story Games developers in a modern office

What We Do

Love Story Games are interactive story games that feature immersive and addictive storylines and plots where users play the main role and decide on the final outcome. The simple tap-based gameplay makes this type of games suitable for all ages and the customization editor allows users to create the avatar according to their own taste and liking. Immaculately illustrated characters combined with perfectly edited backgrounds are just a tiny part of our creations that come alive only when they blend in the engaging and unpredictable love twists and turns. Our constant effort and limitless support from our greatest fans gives us the strength to always strive toward developing high-quality, creative story games that are not only entertaining and fun, but also educational and useful. We firmly believe that our attention to detail, commitment to user satisfaction, and expertise in the development world of interactive love stories will make our mobile games distinctive enough to tickle the imagination of all mobile users into joining us in our finest creations.

Programmers and a designer in front of their monitors.

Who We Are

Relaxing in a modern office.

The team behind our top grossing mobile games is comprised of a number of young enthusiasts specializing in arts, graphic design, coding, storytelling, translation, marketing and much more. As part of a larger mobile development company - Webelinx, we started developing beauty apps and games for girls a couple of years ago, and since the end of 2016, our work has focused primarily on creating interactive love story games. Strongly motivated to achieve more success, our team has constantly been working on improving the quality of each new game, on implementing new features and creating more engaging end products for our loyal users.

Our Achievements

One of the most favorite games of our fans and also the first interactive love story game created by our team - Teen Romance - was released in November 2016 achieving global success and paving the way for all the games that followed afterward. With over 10,000,000 downloads today, it still remains one of the most popular games for teens and one of the stories for which our loyal users desperately want a continuation. Thanks to our devoted fans from Brazil, Russia, Turkey, United States and many more countries around the globe, and the major success our first creation was able to achieve, our team has been able to develop more than ten interactive love story games for Google Play ever since and one unique app combining the majority of our stories for the App Store. Today, our team proudly boasts of more than 25,000,000 downloads and over 100 chapters written and integrated into a dozen amazing game apps combined with limitless support and words of praise from our community on major social networks.

A team of game developers is brainstorming with the help of their cell phones.

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