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Love Story Games FAQ


How to see the release dates for new chapters?

A.K.A. When are new episodes coming out?

1. Visit the News page of our website

2. Scroll down to find the game you are interested in

3. The information you find there will tell you when a new chapter will be available as well as the chapter number and its title

How to fix the missing Update button?

New Chapter is available but when you open the game's Play Store page you find that the Update button is missing

1. Restart your device

2. Open {Play Store} app again

3. Find the game you want to update

You should be able to see the Update button now.

If it is still missing, proceed to the next step:

How to clear cache memory on Android for the Google Play app?

This will fix the problems with many Google Play Store error messages and the missing Update button

1. Find and tap the gear icon to open the Android's {Settings} menu

2. Find and tap {Apps} or {Application Manager}

3. In {All apps} find and tap {Google Play Store}

4. Tap {Storage}


Your Cache is cleared now.

If that does not help, do this as well:

6. Tap {CLEAR DATA} and confirm that you want to delete all data.

How to auto update apps on Android?

1. Open {Play Store} app

2. Tap {More} in the Play Store app to get Options

3. Tap {Settings}, which you will find toward the bottom of the screen

4. Tap {Notifications}

5. Turn on {Updates} and {Auto-updates}

6. Go back to {Settings}

7. Tap {Auto-update apps} - a pop-up window will open up

8. Select {Over Wi-Fi only} and tap {Done}

Your apps are now set to auto-update

How can I change the language in the game?

1. Go to {Settings} from the Main Screen

2. Tap {Languages}, i.e. country flag - the default language is set to English (US)

3. Choose your language, i.e. tap the flag of your country

4. Tap OK

Your desired language is now set. If it is not, please tell us which one of the described steps does not work.

How to set your name in Love Story Games?

1. Enter the game and tap on {Settings}, and then on {Set name}

2. Another screen opens up with a text box in which a word "Player" is written

3. Tap on the word "Player"

4. Your keyboard should pop up now. If the keyboard does not pop up, a white box should pop up instead at the bottom of the screen. Tap inside the box and the keyboard will pop up now.

5. Type your desired name and tap {OK}

6. The name you have typed is written inside the text box now

7. Tap the check mark (tick)

8. You are sent to the Main Screen

When you start playing, the name you have typed should be displayed for the Main Character. If it is not, please tell us which one of the described steps does not work.

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