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DYK Why Anna Never Talked About Her Parents?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019


The following lines contain spoilers.

Before reading this post, we strongly advise you to read the story first.

You all know how Anna always brags about traveling to all kinds of exotic destinations, buying expensive clothes and what not, and when she talks about family, she only mentions her sister. What could be the reason behind this?

Anna, Steven, Michael and the Main Character in Teen Love Story
Anna with Steven, Michael and the Main Character in Teen Love Story

Truth be told, it must feel really hard talking about your parents when they're divorced.

Painful Truth Is Hard to Talk About

What we learn about Anna is that she's traveling around Europe with her sister and having fun buying tons of clothes and designer shoes,

says one of her closest friends when we've started this interview to learn the cause of Anna's silence.

What she hasn't told anybody else is that all that money comes from parents who are separated.

This means that they're trying to compensate for the love and the time they aren't spending with their kids by giving them tons of money and affording them all the material stuff they could ever think of. You see now why it's not easy being part of this Teen Love Story, don't you?

What About Her Fickle Nature?

If you think about it, this sad truth also accounts for Anna's fickle nature and sudden mood swings: one day she's your best friend, the other you see her flirting with your boyfriend or creating a drama scene in the middle of the schoolyard full of other kids.

So, having this in mind, now you know that underneath it all, Anna is just a slightly troubled girl, trying to fill the gap in her heart left after her parents' divorce, and she's only looking for a little love and attention, which you, luckily, don't find that hard to give.


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3 comentarios

Lalaisa Liara
Lalaisa Liara
19 may

Please restore the Teen Love Story game, I want to remember my childhood

Me gusta

Tânia Fernandes
Tânia Fernandes
29 mar 2019

Una completa estafa. Me han sacado 22€ de mi cuenta sin ningún permiso de pago, me imagino que por avanzar los capítulos, ya que tiene tiempo de esperaba y cuando abría la aplicación para mirar cuanto quedaba le daba a la imagen y automáticamente se desbloqueaba, algo que me parecía raro hasta que me di cuenta. No caigáis en esta estafa!!

Me gusta

Sanja Kako da Ne
Sanja Kako da Ne
10 sept 2018

Yeah, that's no excuse for being a big B. Still, love the story, and can't wait for the next game! <3

Me gusta
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