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DYK Why It Is NOT Illegal for Quicks to Date One of the Girls?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019


The following lines contain spoilers.

Before reading this post, we strongly advise you to read the story first.

At the end of Wizard Love Story, it is revealed that Quicks is romantically involved with one of the girls. Since we know Quicks came from the future and he's ten years older than the girl, how come this relationship isn't illegal then?

Wizard Love Story Games characters: Quicks, Mia and Stephanie
Quicks sided by Mia and Stephanie

This age difference may seem like a lot or even illegal from the point of view of non-magic folk, but it is neither of the two when it comes to the magical community.

Insider Interview

Wizards have a different lifespan than other humans and they mature and come of age much earlier,

says our expert on wizards, who wanted to remain anonymous for unknown reasons. He (he's male, that much we can tell you) then goes on and explains this:

An average wizard or wizardess lives almost twice as long as any other human being and matures at the age of fifteen. According to the wizarding laws, any wizard or wizardess is considered to be an adult when they reach this age.

So, it's safe to conclude that dating anyone who's over fifteen is allowed - if you yourself are over fifteen, of course. That is why Quicks has nothing to fear when it comes to the wizarding love law. Isn't romance among wizards a beautiful thing?

Ties With the Past

It's not that uncommon among wizards to encounter couples with a ten-year-age gap. There were even many famous wizarding couples in the history of the world with this age gap between them (read more about them in a future post Famous Wizards Throughout History). Anyway, when we take all this into consideration, we see why Quicks's relationship with a ten-year younger girl in Wizard Love Story isn't something that would make any wizard raise an eyebrow.

Is a huge age difference even a thing when it comes to wizards?

Yes, and no! A huge age difference in wizarding terms means fifty+ years (read more about that in a future post Shocking Stories About Wizards Closely Related to Quicks In His Timeline). As a matter of fact, one of Quicks's closest friends comes from such a marriage. Yuck, isn't it? Well, if you say yes, you're wrong! Wizards don't even age like normal people, so they all look young and fresh until they are 150!!! Can you imagine looking young and beautiful at 140? With perks like these, who wouldn't like to be a wizard, right?


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2 comentarios

Sanja Kako da Ne
Sanja Kako da Ne
10 sept 2018

I loved this game, even with the questionable age differences XD More games with magic and wizards PLEASE!!!

Me gusta

James Smith
James Smith
24 jul 2018

Amazing piece on Wizard Story Game!!! Cool blog! Waiting for more posts!

Me gusta
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