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DYK How the MC of Amnesia Love Story met Logan?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019


The following lines contain spoilers.

Before reading this post, we strongly advise you to read the story first.

In case you've ever wondered how and when the main hero of Amnesia Love Story Game first met Logan, the answer is that the two of them met just a year before their engagement. This may sound like a cliche, but the truth is that most good things are the result of some, let's say, unfavorable circumstances.

MC is dancing with Logan in Amnesia Love Story Game
Dancing with Logan

Here's how it happened in this romance game with choices.

The Event

Both the MC (the main character of a love story) and Logan were invited to a wedding ceremony they didn't want to attend, but couldn't possibly decline the invitation – it was Martha's wedding. Logan had just got a job at Vision and he didn't know many people there. Nevertheless, he was invited to the wedding as he was a close associate of Christopher Carter.

Is Martha Married Then?

You're probably wondering now if this means that Martha's married. The answer is no, but it was really a close shave.

What Happened?

Right before the beginning of the ceremony, all the guests were comfortably sitting in their places – that is, almost all of them...,

reluctantly says one of the guests at the event. She's also an employee at Vision, so her name will remain a secret for obvious reasons. She didn't want to reveal too much, but she did give us some info that helped us understand what had happened.

The MC and Logan were standing in the last row trying to remain inconspicuous. Minutes were going by, and not a word was heard about the bride and groom. Logan then gathered the courage to come closer to the MC, completely unaware that she was Christopher Carter's daughter! These were the words he used:

I'd say this wedding is off, and I've been looking forward to dancing with you...

And so they started dancing to no music. Now, maybe it would've been better for the MC if Martha's eyes hadn't caught sight of them.


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