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How to Become a Blogger in Blog of Secrets Love Story?


The following lines contain spoilers.

Before reading this post, we strongly advise you to read the story first.

You must have been wondering how the heroine of Blog of Secrets Love Story became famous in the first place. As we've found out from her best friend Hailey, it all started as a joke, actually! Can you imagine that? Since our heroine isn't only beautiful, but also very smart, she decided to combine her two greatest loves - writing and fashion. And that's how her first blog post saw the light of day.

A female blogger thinking about the post she's writing.
What to write about next?


The heroine of our story has been fascinated by the fashion world for as long as she can remember. She follows all the trends and fashion shows and often talks about them. Hailey says she isn't always eager to be a part of that conversation, but she also supports her best friend and listens to whatever she has to say. Actually, Hailey was the one who came to the idea about her friend writing a fashion blog. The MC was thrilled with it and started working on her blog immediately.

Was Lady Daredevil a Hit from the Beginning?

As Hailey reveals,

It took some time for Lady Daredevil to find the thing that her audience was interested the most. Her most famous posts were always about somebody from the school or some big fashion show which was happening in the city.

In other words, the MC focused on those things and practically built a career out of nothing. So, that's how she started, and the number of her followers has been growing ever since!

How Is the Fame Affecting Her?

Since nobody knows Lady Daredevil's true identity, the MC has the luxury of being anonymous. And as far as money is concerned, she's earning a lot, that's true, but as Hailey says, she is endlessly modest and always ready to help other people in any way she can.

And that's the origin story of my heroine,

as Hailey now often says.


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