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The PNG image of the logo of Teen Love Story Games consists of a pink ribbon shaped like a heart and blue and yellow letters reading the name of the game.

Teen Love Story Game

One of the feature graphics of Teen Love Story, depicting the Main Character with her two friends, Steven and Michael, lying on the grass with their eyes closed.

Live your own high school life full of drama, romantic affairs and hilarious adventures! Fall in love with a handsome guy, see if your BFF is really what you think she is and experience unforgettable moments with your squad.

Download the game now:


Take Part In the Super Thrilling Love Story!


Love Story Games: Teen Romance

Who will be your dream boyfriend? It's completely up to you!

Or... Is it?! 

Create your own love story with attractive characters and impressive visuals in our ultra exciting visual novel game! Embark on a crazy love adventure in a brand new interactive story where one choice changes everything! A new school year brings a lot of excitement and a need for many new decisions. Live your own high school life through immersive visual stories where YOU control what happens next!

Try this simple tap-based gameplay in Teen Love Story Games For Girls, one of the most addicting high school love games, and watch the hours fly by!


A couple on the shore of a lake.
Steven is driving his red convertible.
Teen Love Story Games logo on the white background.
The squad taking a roller coaster ride.
  • Impressive visuals, cool teenage characters and simple gameplay combined in the most immersive teen love story ever!

  • Name your own character and play as yourself!

  • Dress up for the first day of school according to your taste and choose the style that expresses yourself!

  • Decide on your future boyfriend!

  • Choose what you want to say to your friends and to the new guy, but choose wisely!

  • Make personal choices at critical moments that change the story line!

  • Choose your own path – write your own school romance!

  • Teen Love Story Games For Girls - one of the best high school story games on the market!

  • SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Srpski, Русский,العربية!



Teen Love Characters



Teen Love Story Games - Main Character


Age: 17

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5'7'' / 1.72 m

Occupation: student

Interests:  shopping, listening to music, travel

Doesn't like: infidelity, lies, when her sister's sneaking around

Distinguishing traits:

  • Responsible

  • Romantic

  • Easy-going

Teen Love Story Games - Michael


Nickname: Mike

Age: 17

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 6'1'' / 1.85 m

Occupation: student

Interests: basketball, swimming, clubbing

Doesn't like: moving places, losing matches

Distinguishing traits:

  • Has many admirers

  • Charmer

  • Romantic

Teen Love Story Games - Character Coming Soon


Nickname: ?

Age: ?

Zodiac Sign: ?

Height: ? / ?

Coming Soon...

Teen Love MC
Teen Love Steven
Teen Love Michael
Teen Love ?
More Info
Steven from Teen Love Story Games smiling in a leather jacket.


Nickname: Steve

Age: 17

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5'9'' / 1.80 m

Occupation: student, musician

Interests: reading, music, math


Doesn't like: irresponsible behavior, injustice, being late

Distinguishing traits:

  • Plays the guitar

  • Has excellent grades

Start Your Love Adventure



Is your best friend also your ideal boyfriend?

Dear girls, welcome to the visual novel where you will revive your high school and college life and make choices and decisions regarding your best friends and your ideal boyfriend.

Teen Love Story Games For Girls offers you a chance to take part in an interactive love story and enjoy a dramatic romance. In teenage games for girls free such as these, you may fall in love with a handsome guy, see if your BFF is really what you think she is, and see who you can rely on in the new school year!

Choose your storyline and don't miss the chance to try teenage high school girl love story games for free. These virtual love story games can be yours in a few seconds!

Who will you pick for the first dance?


Blurry blue backgroud
Accessories 12
Accessories 3
Accessories 2
Teen Love Story Games - Moments Head Mic
Teen Love Story Games - Moments Head Ste
Teen Love Story Games - Moments Head Nek
Teen Love Story Games - Moments Head Ale
Play With Pics

Take a journey into your high school life


find your ideal prom date!

The story games such as this one let you choose your path and find your true love.


In Teen Love Story Games For Girls, you'll eventually have to decide between a few handsome guys who have an eye on you. One of them is your childhood friend - he is sweet and caring. The other one is a mysterious new guy who has just moved to your hood and goes to your school. He's very popular with the girls because he's a basketball player.

Luckily, you always have your BFF to consult and ask for advice whenever you're in doubt. Choose your storyline and your school crush in one of the best love story games free for girls!

Final Words

Romantic games for couples and teenage girls!

If you love to play high school games that u can date in or interactive games, we have a perfect dating sims game to keep you busy and entertained for hours. Hurry up to find out your ideal prom date in Teen Love Story Games For Girls FREE!


Your Prince Charming is waiting, download the app and see why this is one of the best games for teenagers. Both girls and boys will be thrilled about our new love story simulation games. Download these amazing free otome games and be part of this super thrilling love triangle game.


There's no mistake with our fun games for teenagers and otome games free – just download this love story game for girls and see for yourself! Your high school romance starts NOW!



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