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This PNG image is the logo of Time Travel Romance and depicts romantic and futuristic font of the game name and part of the clock.

Time Travel Romance

One of the feature graphics of Time Travel Romance Game, showing the Main Character with curly hair and her friends: Chris, Will, Emma and Sophie.

Explore different timelines and face your biggest fears! Do you have what it takes to save the world from the most dangerous super villain ever? And are you ready for the greatest love of your life? Everything depends on you, so make your choices carefully and see where they're gonna take you!

Download the game now:


If You Can Stop Time...



Love Story Games: Time Travel Romance

"Why did her birthmark glow??? I've never seen anything like it!"

A real emotional roller coaster is here together with all the ingredients for a thrilling love story! All you have to do now is have fun with Love Story Games: Time Travel Romance!


If you enjoy playing high-school love story games, you will adore this fascinating romantic journey. Prepare yourself for butterflies in your stomach and unexpected story twists for this is what our fun superhero novel has to offer!

With its marvelous romance storyline, interesting characters and a plot full of suspense, this superhero love story will, simply put, leave you breathless! So, fasten your seat belt and enter the world of superheroes for free! Download our love triangle game now and let the magic begin!

The MC is stopping the lightning in Headquarters.
The MC is saving an old man from a falling flower pot.
The MC is about to be kissed by her boyfriend while the couple are enjoying the night city lights.
The master villain exiting a time-travel portal.
  • Wonderful graphics, superheros and engaging gameplay!

  • Name your own character and play as yourself!

  • Choose the clothes and style for your hero!

  • Decide on your future boyfriend!

  • Make your own choices at important moments and change the storyline!

  • Write your own superhero novel!

  • Travel through time and visit the past, present or the future!

  • SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano,  Srpski, Русский, عربى !



Time Travel Characters


The Main Character of Time Travel Romance Game. This is the player's character, whose appearance can be changed in the game.


Age: 16

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5'6'' / 1.72 m

Occupation: student

Loves: coffee drinking, partying, saving people from evil

Hates: villains, being overpowered, injustice

Distinguishing traits:

  • can travel through time

  • closely connected to her family

The PNG image of Will, a character in Time Travel Love Story Game. He has green eye and long hair.


Name: William Jobs

Age: 16

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 6'0'' / 1.83 m

Loves: basketball, good manners

Hates: evil, injustice

Distinguishing traits:

  • loves helping others

  • romantic

The PNG image of Chris, one of the characters of Time Travel Love Story Game.


Name: Christian Atkinson

Age: 16

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5'9'' / 1.80 m

Loves: to impress

Hates: routine, being told what to do

Distinguishing traits:

  • playboy

  • charmer

  • mysterious

  • self-confident

A question mark that hides a Time Travel Romance character, which will become available later.


Age: ?

Zodiac Sign: ?

Height: ? / ?

Coming Soon...

TT Will
TT Chris
TT ?
More Info

Who Will Capture Your Heart In the End?


It's never been easier to become a superhero!

If you want play an awesome high-school love game with supernatural phenomena, you've found it! Our fabulous superheroes will take you through this interactive superpower game and let you experience the suspense you haven't felt before.


Name your character and go boldly through the challenges of her life, but be aware – make your choices carefully, because you are the one to choose your own path in the game.


These teen games for girls will fascinate you in every possible way! Love Story Games: Time Travel Romance gives you a chance to be a superhero with awesome powers, which you can use to help your friends in trouble. Try out our interactive games without further ado!

Have fun with our Time Travel picture parts



Time Travel Love Story - Background
Accessories 9
Accessories 9
Accessories 8
TT Sophie
TT Will
TT Metju
TT Kris
TT She
Play With Pics

We offer the best free love story games for girls!

Just like in real life, love is a game, right? This crazy love story takes you on a unique romantic journey for free! Make a choice about your boyfriend – is he a good guy who would do anything for you or a mesmerizing bad boy? The choice is yours and yours alone!


Embark on a true adventure filled with unexpected plot twists and enjoy hours of fun with our love story games. This visual novel awaits you with its fun characters and, if you like playing otome games, you will definitely enjoy Love Story Games: Time Travel Romance more than you think you would.


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Final Words

Many Different Endings With Multiple Options!

Have you ever dreamed about having an amazing superpower? Do you enjoy playing interesting games with a storyline? Love Story Games: Time Travel Romance gives you all that and much more!


Fall in love with your high-school crush all over again or run away with one of the new guys to marry him... or not? The choice is all yours! That is why these simulation games with role playing are so awesome – you can make your own decisions and choose your path in the story.


Decide what to wear and choose a style which reflects your own personality. It is all up to you! Create your own story and your own life by making smart decisions at the right time. Download one of our new otome games and start having fun right now!



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