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This PNG image is the logo of Fantasy Love Story Games and depicts two pink butterflies above the clip art letters reading the name of the game.

Fantasy Love Story Game

Step into the fantasy kingdom of Valeria and meet the heroic fairies and elves who fight to preserve their heavenly world. Learn the unbelievable truth about yourself and experience real fairy tale romance first-hand!

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Choose Your Own Love Adventure


Fantasy Love Story Games

Can you fight off the evil that lurks in the shadows of  our kingdom?
We won't take no for an answer!!!

Another excellent undertaking from your favorite game developers – this time featuring the most beautiful illustrations of CUTE FAIRIES and ELVES in a FANTASY KINGDOM! Let this amazing app take you to a beautiful fairy tale kingdom of Valeria where you'll meet our extraordinary characters and experience the most gripping and memorable love twists and turns!


If you want to feel as though you were living in a fairy tale, and you like to play our teen love story games with choices, then there's no other app that can provide you with a better playing experience than our Fantasy Love Story Games. Venture on an epic journey across unique locations and enjoy our new romance games enriched with elements of magic and fantasy!

Dairon is saving the MC from Zaria's attack.
Thalia is doing magic to bring back the memories of Librium.
Beautiful scenery in the kingdom of Valeria.
Fantasy's MC is enjoying a romantic time with Livian.
  • Enjoy impressive fairy-like visuals and animations, gripping love twists and an epic fight between good and evil!

  • Simple tap-based gameplay!

  • Choose the name for your cute fairy character!

  • Choose your outfit and style!

  • Make your own love life choices and choose between twin brothers!

  • Change the storyline of the love triangle whenever you wish!

  • Influence the future of the kingdom of Valeria: you're the chosen one and only you can save it from destruction!

  • The greatest love adventure of fairies and elves in interactive story games ever!

  • SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, عربى !

Choose your own fairy adventure!


Fantasy Characters



Fantasy Love Story Games - Main Character


Age: 17

Height: 5'4'' / 1.65 m 

Fairy Type: Sun Fairy

Loves: honesty, flying, true friends, spending time in nature, training with fairies, her best friend Thalia

Hates: lies, frauds, rain, elves and fairies who like to command

Distinguishing traits:

  • Easy-going

  • Insecure

  • Fast learner

Fantasy Love Story Games - Dairon


Age: 18

Height: 6' / 1.85 m

Elf Type: Earth Elf 

Loves: good jokes, hanging out with friends, all types of action and adventure


Hates: exhausting training with the King's Guard and boring classes with Cataleah


Distinguishing Traits:

  • Teaser

  • Ready to act when faced with danger

Fantasy Love Story Games - Livian


Age: 18

Height: 5'9'' / 1.80 m

Elf Type: Water Elf 

Loves: ancient books full of wisdom, spending time alone at the hidden fountain

Hates: flying, practical jokes, rash decisions, uncomfortable travels

Distinguishing Traits:

  • Extraordinary smart

  • Sometimes way too confident


Fantasy Love Story Games - character coming soon


Age: ?

Height: ? / ?

Fairy / Elf Type: ?

Coming Soon...

Fantasy MC
Fantasy Dairon
Fantasy Livian
Fantasy ?
More Info

Choose Your Path In One of A Kind Otome Game



For true fans of love story games for teenage girls!

It's time to begin a new romantic journey – this time through the magic fantasy kingdom full of secrets and unresolved love affairs!


Find out what it feels like to be an ordinary girl who suddenly ends up in a fairy world and who is having trouble accepting that she's the one who's brought there to restore peace and happiness. One of the best love story games engages you with its beautifully illustrated magical creatures, wonderful fairy land graphics, exciting and romantic storyline and even more romantic music.


Unique Fantasy Love Story Games will enchant you little by little as the thrilling plot thickens, and you'll have a feeling that you're really living this wonderful fairy tale through your female character.

Have fun with Fantasy Story picture parts


Night time in the Fantasy World.
Accessories 10
Accessories 1
Accessories 10
Accessories 1
Accessories 1
Accessories 10
Accessories 10
Accessories 7
Kiss Dairon
Kiss Livian
Kiss She
Play With Pics

Epic episodes for teens & adults

The most addicting fantasy story game is here! Make wise choices on your way to future love and see what it's like to be the most beautiful fairy in the kingdom that many are jealous of! Download this epic fantasy adventure and the most interactive episode story game for teens and adults! Which is more, you get this game completely FREE!

Love story game fans, please join us in this captivating interactive game experience rich in fantastic animations and wonderful illustrations, all packed in a completely original and unpredictable storyline! Wait no longer, choose your own path in this one of a kind otome game with fantasy creatures!

Final Words

The best free romantic story games offline!

The best free romantic story games offline are waiting for you! Fantasy Love Story Games can be yours in just a few moments! Discover plenty of thrilling choices at crucial moments that will seal your destiny in the world where you ended completely unannounced and unprepared.


Luckily, you meet many fantastic friends on your way, who will guide you through this magic kingdom and make sure you grow fond of it and become an indispensable piece of the puzzle. Choose your storyline and don't miss the chance to try the best otome games in English free. These virtual love story games can be yours right away and you'll be able to write your own fairy tale romance! We guarantee that both girls and boys will be thrilled about our new simulation games!

Enjoy the reading!



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