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The PNG image of the logo of Wizard Love Story Games consists of a futuristically shaped heart and the name of the game written in white letters with light blue stroke.

Wizard Love Story: Magic Mystery

This is part of feature graphics for Wizard Love Story Games and it depicts the Main Character, who's holding a fireball in his hand, and his two potential girlfriends, Stephanie and Mia, who's holding the Crystal Ball in her hand.

You are a boy just like any other when, suddenly, your whole life changes! You encounter a mysterious wizard and the girl you like isn't what she seems to be. Is she still your first choice, or will you choose another girl who enters your life to make things even more complicated? It's up to you, so choose wisely!

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We have many languages ready for you!

The languages in which you can play Wizard Love Story Game: Magic Mystery

Can You Solve the Mystery of a Shocking Magic Story?


Love Story Games: Romance Mystery

"The magic force of the Crystal Ball was pulling him inside..."

Can you cope with incredible magic, time travel and high-school love of witches and wizards who fly under the radar? If so, you're ready to dive into our highly dramatic story games rich in sweet love choices and shrouded in mystery!


Unique Wizard Love Story Games: Magic Mystery will enchant you little by little as the thrilling plot thickens, and you'll have a feeling that you're really living this magic teenage story through your male character.


Download the most addicting wizard story game ever, carefully choose your storyline and change your future while trying to save the lives of many!

Mia is having her memory brought back by Quicks in the cave.
The MC of Wizard Story taken aback when Steph tells him the news.
Character Ghost gets her magic back when she clasps a token of tracking in her hand.
Mia is teasing the MC of Wizard Story in front of a party house.
  • Enjoy impressive visuals and animations, mysterious characters and a thrilling plot!

  • Choose the name for your boy character!

  • Choose your outfit and style!

  • Make your own love life choices and pick your new girlfriend:

    • a cute mysterious girl

    • a beautiful passionate one

  • Change the storyline of this love mystery with your carefully-made decisions!

  • Influence the future and save your closest ones from the clutches of evil!

  • SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, عربى !

Get this one of a kind otome game with wizards to:


Wizard Story Characters


The Main Character of Wizard Love Story Games is a boy with turquoise eyes and dark brown hair, whose hairstyle can be changed in the game, as well as his outfit.


Age: 17

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 6'1'' / 1.85 m

Occupation: student

Interests: basketball, listening to music

Hates: doing chores, being told what to do

Special Abilities:

  • has amazing potential as a wizard

  • can perform any magic

Mia, a female character in Wizard Love Story Games, is a cute wizardess with slightly purple hair and blue eyes.


Name: Mia Rich

Age: 17

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5'9'' / 1.74 m

Occupation: student

Interests: shopping, parties, karaoke

Hates: giving straight answers, herself from the other timeline

Special Abilities:

  • good at resisting the Controlling Spell

  • extremely brave

Stephanie, a female character in Wizard Love Story Games, is a beautiful wizardess with blond hair.


Name: Stephanie Burns

Age: 17

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5'10'' / 1.80 m

Occupation: student, Secret Agent Trainee

Interests: reading, social networks


Hates: dishonesty, being taken for a fool


Special Abilities:

  • a natural tracker of time travelers

  • fantastic memory

A PNG image of a question mark which substitutes a picture of a character in Wizard Love Story


Age: ?

Zodiac Sign: ?

Height: ? / ?

Coming Soon...

Wizard MC
Wizard Mia
Wizard Steph
Wizard ?
More Info

The Magical Mystery You'll Fall In Love With


When you locate the forces of evil trying to conquer the world,

can you STOP them & SAVE the ones you love?

Someone or something is trying to take over the world and they don't care about the means! Can you discover the root of all evil in the wizarding world and prevent its forces to carry out their horrible plan? Can you save your girl at the same time? It sure won't be easy!

The captivating blend of romantic games and a story shrouded in mystery has arrived! Embark on a journey as an ordinary boy and choose your own path on the way to becoming one of the most powerful wizards of all times! Solve the mystery of a shocking time travel magic story and save yourself and your loved ones.

Only in our free love story games for kids and adults, the fate of the world is in your hands and magic's there to help you! There's no time to lose! Download Wizard Love Story Games: Magic Mystery right now and live your virtual life in this awesome adventure story!

Have fun with Wizard Story picture parts


Audience in the theater in front of the screen
Blue heart
Blue heart
Accessories 4
Accessories 4
Accessories 4
Drawn heart with an arrow
Mia kissing the Main Character
Steph kissing the Main Character
Play With Pics

A genuine mystery with both love and combat choices!

After this one, no ordinary love games will be good enough for you! This gripping high-school love story, one of our best otome games, will simply leave you breathless!


Balance your love life with your secret life of a wizard only in these simulation games! While thinking about your school crush or about who your real friends are, find and defeat the evil that threatens to destroy all that is good around you. But be careful in there 'cause a wrong choice may easily lead you astray!


Our virtual love story is suitable both for boys and for girls. Magic story games, such as this mysterious adventure, have never been more thrilling! Get Wizard Love Story Games: Magic Mystery and spend hours alongside the most magical role-playing games!

Final Words

Now's your chance to cast some spells!

Do you crave teen games with enough choices that let you choose your storyline and follow different paths? You'd like to be able to decide which teenage girl you take on a romantic night out? These magic love story games are THE games for you!

Do you have what it takes to separate your secret romance from the double life you will lead as a wizard? Or will you choose to share the burden of saving the world with someone? And who should that be? In love triangle games, it's important to make good decisions at critical moments. That's why our games for teenagers and adults offer you plenty of thrilling choices at crucial moments. Moreover, you will get our sensational magic story games for free!


Download Wizard Love Story Games: Magic Mystery and have fun solving a real mystery with the help of a girlfriend of your choice!



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