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Webelinx Love Story Games is the home of beautiful interactive stories with romantic choices suitable for both kids and adults. We offer you more than ten such episode games at the moment and more on the way.

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Blog of Secrets

See the world through the eyes of a globally famous blogger whose identity is a secret and find out if you can cope with the exciting and [...]

Royal Affair Story

It's medieval times and things are going really well for you with all the love knocking at your door! But how can you make your [...]

Mermaid Love Story

A mermaid who can live both on the land and in the sea has many perks! But you have to be extra careful about who you let in on your [...]

Amnesia Love Story

A story of memory loss, action and a whirlwind romance! You focus on recovering the missing pieces of your mysterious past [...]

Teenage Drama Love Story

A super-thrilling love story game in which one small step can draw you into a torrid love affair! Find out if you can become a great [...]

Fantasy Love Story

Step into the fantasy kingdom of Valeria and meet the heroic fairies and elves who fight to preserve their heavenly world. Learn the unbelievable [...]

Time Travel Romance

Explore different timelines and face your biggest fears! Do you have what it takes to save the world from the most dangerous super villain ever? And are you ready [...]

Wizard Love Story

You are just an ordinary boy when, suddenly, you encounter a mysterious wizard and find out strange things about the girl you like. Is she still [...]

Anime Love Story: Shadowtime

Become a heroine whose life changes at the same time when the most popular video game is released. Choose between your old school friend and [...]

Vampire Love Story

Dive into an exciting vampire romance shrouded in magic and mystery and make crucial decisions while you fight for your life and your loved [...]

Teen Love Story

Live your own high school life full of drama, romantic affairs and hilarious adventures! Fall in love with a handsome guy and experience [...]

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