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DYK That Maxwell Was Using Ingrid's Psychic Superpowers for His Research?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019


The following lines contain spoilers.

Before reading this post, we strongly advise you to read the story first.

In Vampire Love Story, when the main character meets Ingrid in Maxwell's hideout, she finds out that Ingrid and her mother were working on Maxwell's research and that the two of them later got into a fight and Ingrid had to end her cooperation with them. But why did Maxwell need Ingrid for his research when he had both Catherine's and Duncan's help?

Ingrid's thinking about Maxwell in Vampire Love Story
Ingrid's thinking about her past and Maxwell

The truth is that both Catherine and Ingrid were interested in Maxwell's supernatural experiments, but not both of them were especially thrilled to offer their help.

The Past Holds the Answers

Naturally, Catherine was in love with him, so it goes without saying that she wanted to contribute to his research as much as she could,

says our well-informed source. However, when it comes to Ingrid, the situation is a little bit different...

As for Ingrid, she made a deal with Maxwell that she could offer her help only because of her psychic skills, which were almost essential to Maxwell for his experiment at that time.

Our source also tells us that the possession of psychic abilities such as illusion spells, telekinesis, or danger intuition were exactly the skills Maxwell needed while he was playing with human life and trying to create an immortal human being.

The Feeling That Took the Matter Into Its Own Hands

And indeed, Ingrid's superpowers were of great help for as long as their cooperation was not impeded by Catherine's jealousy. After some time, madly in love as she was, Catherine started seeing Ingrid as a threat to her relationship with Maxwell and Maxwell soon decided that Ingrid's services were no longer needed. Luckily, Ingrid clearly saw that Catherine was completely blinded by love and jealousy, which is why she didn't take the whole situation too personally, and, ultimately, decided to save her daughter and take revenge on Maxwell.

There's so much more going on in this Vampire Love Story than meets the eye, so keep both of yours open for more blog posts on our mysterious vampires and this stunning love story!


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